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Welcome to the Fly Tying Video Home Page 


The Fly Tying Workshops are often videotaped, and DVDs are produced for the club's Library.  Along with the DVDs, a short video of some of the fly tying will be put on this web site.  You are welcome to view and learn from those videos.

If you decide to view the videos, click on the link to the fly patterns that are demonstrated by the guest tiers at the workshop sessions.  Enjoy, and you are welcome to come back to view videos as they are posted. 



Straggle Soft Hackle Fly with Gene Kaczmarek Stimulator with George Bouvoin
No - Sly Dead Head Bead Head Nymph with Rich Lobrovich Shad Dart Fly with Ed Huff
Straggle Serendipity Fly with Gene Kaczmarek Hex Nymph Fly with Ed Huff
Amnesia Damsel Nymph Fly with Rich Lobrovich Clod Hopper with George Bouvoin
The Chartreuse Bunny Leech with August Abellar Foam Beetle with George Bouvoin
Series "S" Flash Fly with Craig Gittings Parachute Ant with George Bouvoin
Russian River (Coho) Fly with Dean Lewis Peacock Soft Hackle with Craig Gittings
Pearly Pheasant Nymph with Larry Dennis CDC & Elk Fly with Craig Gittings
Doug's Damsel Fly with Doug Fear Rubber Leg, Bead Head, Woolly Bugger with Bill Peakes
Caddis Pupa with Larry Dennis Doug's Dredger Fly with Doug Fear
Doug's Black Beetle with Doug Fear Ruffy Fly with Doug Fear
Furled Dragonfly with Ken Hanley Suspended Nymph Fly with Charllie Schillinsky
Furled Yellow Sally Fly with Ken Hanley Dragonfly Nymph with Charlie Schillinsky
Furled Alevin Fly with Ken Hanley Steelhead Pink Worm Fly with Charlie Schillinsky
the Uncased Caddis with George Bouvoin Ed's Sheep Creek Fly with George Bouvoin
the Visible Caddis with George Bouvoin Semi Seal Leech Fly with George Bouvoin
the Rockworm Larva with George Bouvoin California Quail Caddis Dry Fly with Dave McCants
Blood Midge Larva with Mitch Matsumoto Dave's Baetis Emerger # 1 with Dave McCants
Blood Midge Pupa with Mitch Matsumoto Dave's Baetis Emerger # 2 with Dave McCants
Blood Midge Emerger with Mitch Matsumoto Flashback P.T. with Bill Peakes
3F Frog Fly with Mitch Matsumoto October Caddis Nymph with Dave McCants
Andy's Meat Fly with Dave McCants Thor Variant Fly with Dave McCants
Weaved Wire Nymph with Dean Lewis Sno-cone Midge with Mitch Matsumoto
Pop Top Emerger with Mitch Matsumoto Mini Renegade Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Griffith Gnat Fly with Mitch Matsumoto Jimmy Legs Stonefly Nymph with Craig Gittings
Split Back Emerger with Craig Gittings Tap's Bass Bug Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Bullet Head Muddler with Mitch Matsumoto Madame X fly with Mitch Matsumoto
San Juan Worm with George Bouvoin Mugly Caddis Fly with George Bouvoin
Doug's Foam Mouse fly with Doug Fear Doug's Hornworm fly with Doug Fear
Bubble Frog Fly with Ken Barker Mickey Finn Fly with Ed Huff
Black Nosed Dace Fly with Ed Huff Bubble Boy Fly with Bob Langland
Copper Herniator Fly with Gene Kaczmarek Jimmy Legs Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
CDC & Elk Caddis Fly with George Bouvoin TS Bugger Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Fully Loaded Wooly Bugger Fly with Mitch Matsumoto White Crystal Bugger Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Partridge and Orange Fly with Mitch Matsumoto March Brown Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Flynth Fly with Mitch Matsumoto Skinny Humpy Fly with Jeff Lorelli
Zug-Bopp Fly with Jeff Lorelli Green Meanie Bluegill Fly with Ken Barker
Yellow Jacket Fly with Ken Barker How to tie a Parachute Wing with George Bouvoin

Olive Quill Loopwing Parachute Female Baetis with Bob Langland

Drifter's Punk Perch Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Classic Deep Minnow Fly (Clouser) with Mitch Matsumoto Green Butt Skunk Fly with Bruce Butler
Freight Train Fly with Bruce Butler Foam Hex Nymph with Ed Huff
Pond Smelt Fly with Ed Huff The Orvis Foam Stone fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Cutter's Emergent/ Cripple Caddis Fly with Mitch Matsumoto The Soldier Palmer Fly with Brian McManus
The Wingless Wickhams Fly with Brian McManus The Diwall Bach with Brian McManus
CDC Mayflly Emerger Fly with George Bouvoin The Low Rider Fly with George Bouvoin
Convertible Midge Fly with Gene Kaczmarek Sparkle Dun Fly with Gene Kaczmarek
Iris Caddis Fly with Gene Kaczmarek Midge Shuttle Cock Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Canadian Brown Mohair Leach Fly with Mitch Matsumoto Bait Fish Pattern Fly with Steve Potter
Clouser's Minnow with Steve Potter IOBO Humpy Fly with Mitch Matsumoto
Student Fly with Gene Kaczmarek Pupil Fly with Gene Kaczmarek
Sawyer's Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly with George Bouvoin The Screaming Banshee Fly with George Bouvoin
Foam Head Pond Smelt Fly with Ed Huff Parachute Callibaetis Fly with Mitch Matsumoto




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